flour milling equipment

Pneumatic controlling roller flour mill

pneumatic controlling flour milling equipment

The FMFQ series pneumatic controlling flour milling equipment is the main machine in wheat flour milling line. It includes steel material upper and cast iron base bottom parts. Its feeding system adopts modularization design, which can be moved out completely for maintenance. The feeding system can also be driven separately for roller distance adjustment and the roller is highly sensitive for adjustment. The bottom parts can be custom-made according to customer requirements: electrical controlling set, pneumatic controlling set, four roller mill and eight roller mills with roller diameters of 250mm, 300mm, etc.

Model Roller Spec
Distance between milling and feeding roller
Speed radio of feeding and milling rollers Speed of feeding and rolling rollers(
Speed of feeding roller
Feed roller type Working pressure of cylinder
Motor capacity rollers
1 FMFQ10×2A 250×1000 250 1.25:1~
450~550 60~260 Double roller 0.6~0.7 22
2 FMFQJ10×2 250×1000 250 450~550 0.6~0.7 22
3 FMFD10×2 250×1000 250 450~550   22
4 FMFQ(3)10×2 300×1000 300 400~500 0.6~0.7 30
5 FMFQJ(3)10×2 300×1000 300 400~500 0.6~0.7 30
6 FMFD(3)10×2 300×1000 300 400~500   30
7 FMFQ10×4 250×1000 250 450~550 0.6~0.7 22
8 FMFQ8×2 250×800 250 450~550 0.6~0.7 22
9 FMFQJ8×2 250×800 250 450~550 0.6~0.7 22
10 FMFQJ6×2 250×600 250 450~550 0.6~0.7 22
11 FMFQ12.5×2 300×1250 300 400~500 0.6~0.7 30
12 FMFD12.5×2 300×1250 300 400~500   30
13 FMFQJ12.5×2 300×1250 300 400~500 0.6~0.7 30
14 FMFQ12.5×4 300×1250 300 400~500 0.6~0.7 30

FMFG series flour mill grinder

FMFG flour milling machine

The FMFG series flour milling machines adopt the latest technology with brand new construction and perfect performance. It is applied to produce wheat flour, starch flour, grain milling and grinding. The rollers have high rotation precision, accurate roller distance adjustment and feeding, as well as flexible feeding method.

This series flour mill grinder also has low noise, no vibration, and no environment pollution. Therefore, it is best for small and middle scale flour mill plant.
Model Diameter for feeding roller(mm) Power(kw) Weight(kg) Size L×W×H(mm)
FMFG4×2 2×∮74 4-11 1310 1200×1490×1700
FMFG5×2 2×∮74 4-15 1680 1300×1490×1700
FMFG6×2 2×∮74 4-18.5 2000 1400×1490×1700

6F series flour mill machine

6F series flour mill machine

6F series flour mill machine is a kind of one-side inclining small scale flour mill. It adopts rolling bearing with low friction, low energy consumption and high efficiency. The compact structure and easy operation makes it fit for single use or used in joint flour processing unit. This flour milling equipment is mainly used for processing raw materials as wheat, maize, buckwheat, broomcorn, etc.

Item Spec.
2235 2240 2250 2540 2550 2560
Roller Diameter
220 220 220 250 250 250
Roller Length
350 400 500 400 500 600
Motor Power(kw) 3-11 4-15 4-15 5.5-15 5.5-18.5 5.5-18.5
Speed radio of feeding and milling rollers 2.5:1  2:1 2.5:1  2:1 2.5:1  2:1 2.5:1  1.25:1 2.5:1  1.25:1 2.5:1  1.25:1
Weight(kg) 480 500 540 850 870 1000
Size(mm)L*W*H 900×600×620 950×600×620 1000×600×680 1100×640×680 1200×640×680 1300×640×680

FSJZ series impact detacher

Impact detacher

FSFZ series impact detacher is auxiliary equipment for flour mill. It is used to hit the materials from core mills and slag mills and to make them loose or separate germ from grain peel. By this hitting process, the extraction rate of flour can be higher. The compact and brief design makes this impact detacher easy to install and place saving.
Item model Capacity(t/h) Roller diameter (mm) Roller speed (n/min) Power(Kw) Size (mm)L*W*H
FSFZ43 1-2 Φ430 2960 3 670×550×570
1.5-2.3 4
FSFZ51 2-2.3 Φ510 2960 5.5 770×660×635

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